Always Remember you are Selling to Human Beings!

To always remember you are selling to other humans seems obvious, but equally we could have said ‘never let an opportunity to sell to someone go to waste’ let me explain.

During a recent weekend break to the seaside, I found myself sat on a bench waiting for my wife and noted one of those wooden notice boards affixed to the wall, that have the usual collection of local information and shop opening hours etc. So, with nothing else to do for that moment, I found myself scanning the notices with perhaps more focus than I would have normally. It then hit me, if I am waiting here and reading this notice board then how many others would be doing the same and so why not place an advert for my business in there as well? With a couple of calls I tracked down the relevant person and came to an agreement to display my information.

You are now asking, “what has this to do with remembering you are selling to human beings?” Well, in an age of worrying about whether you are focusing on the right social media channels and then on which ‘Hash Tag’ is trending the most, it is really easy to miss the basics and forget that your message has to do more than simply trend, it needs to attract and sell your products and services. To give an example, I have seen a number of recent social media posts with Tags like ‘It’s Friday, just off for a drink! #TGI Friday #Weekend’ and I think – so what? All I have learnt about that company or product is a) They have plenty of spare time on their hands and b) They must hate working for that company if all they can think about is escaping.

Creatively Yours Remembering that you are Selling to Human Beings.

So, coming back to my original statement, by remembering that we are all human beings that generally speak and act in fairly similar ways, you can make sure that great opportunities to sell are not missed, but also, once you have found the right ‘channels’, your message actually means something to the people viewing it.

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