Brexit – Should not Cause you to Stop Marketing

From looking at the news about, and around, Brexit it seems that a lot of businesses are sitting back and waiting for the good or the bad news rather than being a bit more pro-active and continuing to promote their business.

After all Nurses will continue to Nurse, Fireman continue to fight fires and we will all continue to need to eat and drink so really what will change so dramatically? Even if things are a little tricky for the short term everyone needs to earn a living and so, in much the same way as nature will always find a way, business will always find a way.

So now more than ever you need to be clear on who you are marketing to and the benefit that they will receive by dealing with you and your company rather than your competitors. For example in our online market place the message we want to give is to ‘make being online, simple, affordable and effective’ in effect answering the issues that our target market of small business owners has with digital marketing namely that it is expensive, complicated and takes up a lot of their evermore precious time.

As we are not looking at selling a physical product we cannot push for sales via what could be called the traditional discount route after all 15% off a pair of shoes costing £30.00 is, for the potential customer, an easy value and benefit calculation in the same way that simply offering 15% off Domain Name renewal is not. So one way that we attract customers is to write Blog’s like this one alongside other activities some of which were highlighted in our previous blog this month

Creatively Yours can show you how to leverage the latest online technology to highlight those areas that could win you more sales. For more information why not drop us a line to or call us on 01536 23 98 98

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