Why did I bother with all that GDPR Nonsense?

You may or may not have noticed, but I certainly have, that the amount of spam and nuisance calls is on the increase since we all spent our time and money making sure that we all complied with the latest set of regulations concerning GDPR and the use and protection of personal data in all marketing activities blah, blah, blah…..

GDPR and Marketing Creatively Yours Website Design Kettering

The upshot of all this time and effort, was that companies who were honest and straightforward in their marketing activities, continued to be honest and straightforward and those that were not, pretty much carried on as they always had.

We bring this up as a reminder to all small businesses that there are still a lot of ways to promote your message and still keep within the ‘rules’. Companies such as Mailchimp have made themselves GDPR compliant in how they store and use personal data, so why not use them to build your database of names and generate your marketing emails, one less thing to worry about.

Then there is the ‘old favourite’ of just picking up the phone and asking to speak to the person in charge of XYZ, as long as you have thought about what you are offering and the benefits that your company brings.

How about a simple letter? We have found that a personally addressed letter with a handwritten address can work wonders and, more often than not, make it to the desired contact.

Not forgetting Social Media platforms where posts, adverts and chat bots can all be utilised to put your message in front of an interested audience.

So to conclude, GDPR should not make any difference to your marketing activities as long as you treat your customers as you would like to be treated i.e. do not spam them to death with offers and messages that have little or no relevance to their business.

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