I would Love a New Website But…

I would love a new website but….
We have all know this feeling, you look at your current website and think that it looks perhaps a little dated and perhaps does not reflect your current business as well as it could. So it is time to build a new website a decision that fills most of us with dread. What we see is months of writing content, finding old photographs, chasing for updates, learning what the jargon used means and worrying about whether the decisions you make now are correct.

There is a way to reduce the stress of having a website built and perhaps even make it enjoyable by following the below tips;

Start with Why.
Before you embark on any development you need to be clear on not only who you are selling to, but also be clear on why you are doing what you are doing. Without this you will struggle to encourage visitors to want to know more about you. Do you want to sell your products or services online or do you sell better on the phone or in person? This will dictate the style of site you need.

Then How.
If you are not a designer or website builder then it is probably best to hire a professional. Especially if you are busy with other elements of running your business given that your website needs to kept up to date with new relevant content.

Then What.
With your existing site it is possible to analyse using Google Analytics and see, at a very high level at least, what devices are being used to view your content is it mainly PC, Tablets or Smart Phones. Not making your website mobile friendly in today’s market is a really poor decision but if your market uses smart phones then it makes sense to present your information in the best format for them rather than spend all your time making it look fabulous on wide screen.

Then Who.
You will note that up until now there has been no mention of how to choose a web agency this is because until you are certain on the Why, How and What you will be leaving a lot to the interpretation of a third party – after all nobody knows your business better than you.
Take time to look at the Agencies websites and try and ignore the pretty pictures for now as customers will often be visiting your website for specific facts and information and will want to find them quickly and easily. If you find a website confusing and difficult to navigate then so will your customers. Only when you are happy with the customer interface should you look at the customer experience or to put it another way the look and feel of the site.

And Finally – Spread the Word.
Although some will find your site anyway it is always good to plan ahead and put aside a small amount of marketing budget to build your brand and customer base using Social Media Marketing and try advertising your website with social media.

Shortly we will be issuing our 30 day Marketing Plan all of which is based on our experiences of running the same plan for ourselves and our customers. For specific help with marketing your business please call us on 01536 310571 or via email to simon@creatively-yours.co.uk

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