It is not making a mistake that kills your business, it is how you correct it!

Recently I looked at the effect having a poor Front End website experience has on your business ( and now I look at the effect poor back-end systems have on the service that you can give to your customers.

At this time of year everyone involved in selling directly to the public, especially online, is conscious of not letting customers down and gathering negative comments or damaging reviews on Feefo ( or Trustpilot (

But, in reality, it is not the initial mistake that draws the complaints and negativity, after all, I doubt that there is a shop in the world where nothing is ever missed, delivered late or the wrong box is sent – it is more how your Service system deals with the incoming calls.

To give an example, I recently purchased on-line a pair of shoes – nothing special, but when they arrived it was obvious that the wrong box had been sent. A quick call to their Service guys and a replacement pair were on their way (albeit having to pay extra for overnight shipping as I needed them for a ‘do’ the next day). The only down side so far is that I have to wait for a Return Label to arrive to send the incorrect shoes back and then wait for a refund. The usual email arrived confirming everything and giving a tracking number. So far so good.

Things went downhill when I tried to check on the time of arrival the next day and was met with ‘tracking number invalid’, which meant a further call to customer services and…. it all went wrong. The guy at the other end of the phone said, if it had not left yet then it would not be with me until Monday (this being Friday). When I pressed and said that I had paid for overnight shipping he then confirmed “Ah yes, it is on the van and will be with you Saturday”. When I pressed even further and said that “I paid for overnight delivery on Thursday for delivery on Friday on the back of a mistake that they had made” he said “Oh – well sorry about that, I can offer you a voucher for free overnight shipping on your next order” my obvious response was “My next order?” “You actually think I will place another order with you?”

Now, after all of this great customer service, the only thing that stood between this company and a string of negative reviews is a combination of how much I value my spare time and the quality of the product when received. I leave it to your imagination as to which won out….now how do you spell ‘awful service’

With the latest software systems there is really no excuse to badly handle customers, from instant Chat windows, Stock Control Systems, Customer CRM systems linked to incoming phone calls, Automated Shipping API’s and Online Payment Gateways, you can set your Customer Service team up with everything they need to help and give a great impression right from when the phone rings.

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