Logo Design – They are just a Picture and Text – How Difficult Can It Be?

Some time ago, just for fun, I wrote a blog that featured some of the best and funniest (read rudest) Logo fails at that time. Well time has moved on and it seems that lessons have not been learnt.

All Marketers agree that a great logo is one of your most valuable marketing tools. It is not only an easily recognizable identity for your company but, at the same time, a really great logo communicates who you are.

Many people decide that they will do the logo design themselves and it could that this decision is taken because:

  • you want to take on the design challenge yourself
  • you want a logo designed on a budget less than the price of McDonalds Happy Meal
  • your current poor Agency is leaving everything to the last minute as usual

The key to a great and effective logo is that it can immediately grab and hold your viewers attention, and it should have impact. That is not necessarily a good thing as some of the ‘hidden’ imagery within the following logos demonstrate.

Whatever the underlying reason for the design of these masterpieces they will, hopefully, bring a smile to your face and leave you with the same question that we have. What were they thinking?

The problem is that once seen the ‘hidden’ pictures cannot be un-seen!

It is not just the image that can go tragically wrong, these examples show how important the choice of Font can be….

And even once you have chosen what you think is a perfect logo, sometimes where it is placed can change its meaning entirely.

“A 404 Error is a standard error message meaning that the client could find the server but could not find what was requested – not great advertising for a Search Engine!”

If there is a lesson to be learned, it is not simply that your Logo is how customers and potential customers view your company, but that it says as much about you as any amount of promotional emails and adverts. So make the right choices, be clear on what you want to say about your company and, even if you have the huge budgets that some of these multi-nationals do, always ask yourself what does this ultimately say to my customers?

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