What do I need to action across a Month to keep my Marketing Going?

This is a question that I am asked a lot, especially by smaller companies and start-ups. The short answer is to make sure that whatever you do, it is planned and it is regular. Just doing sporadic, occasional blogs, videos or emails will not be beneficial to your business.

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For our own marketing we have put together a 30-day plan to follow, which is uniquely designed for us, with each day tailored to either generate something or to check on the results from the previous month’s activities. Each plan can be made to suit your business but could include something like the following:

Day 1 – Check on Social Media accounts and add any that are missing
Day 2 – Update / Add Website Pop-Ups
Day 3 – Add another Video to You Tube and promote on FB, Pinterest etc.
Day 4 – Blog post about an issue that you see your customers having in your industry
Day 5 – Set up any missing Blog accounts and publish something into each
Day 6 – Generate an email to your entire database
Day 7 – Check on your website speed by using something like Pingdom Speed Test

Some items will need to be repeated more than once in the 30 days, maybe weekly and there will be other activities that you will add that are more specific to your marketplace, such as additional Facebook posts, or adding Linked-In Articles etc.

Hopefully you can see that by adding these elements together, you can quite quickly build a bespoke marketing plan you can use, to make sure that nothing is missed each month and that your customers look forward to hearing from you regularly.

Only a short Blog this week, but hopefully it gives enough information to help you put together your own marketing plans and we are always available on 01536 23 98 98 to answer any questions that you may have.

Creatively Yours can show you how to leverage the latest technology to highlight those areas that could be losing you sales and offer website and marketing help. For more information why not drop us a line to hello@creatively-yours.co.uk or call us on 01536 23 98 98

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