Panic – Sales have gone quiet!

This time of year is a bit of a struggle to find new customers in certain market places. Christmas and the New Year seem to be some sort of a brick wall rather than what they actually are which are dates in a calendar.

It may be that right now you are running around trying to grab any order and at almost any price, offering great discounts, but almost certainly not making sure that you are keeping on top of your marketing activities which could be a big mistake.

When it comes to marketing the direct effects are not easy to determine and are generally not felt immediately, so a lack of activity now may not be seen until much later in the year. A bit of time spent this month will bring dividends later in the year and can even help avoid having these end of year problems in the future.

From our own development work, some focus on these areas can bring great returns;

Google My Business – Is free for most services, and stores information used by the search engine. Seems obvious, but can you be found both physically and online? A good place to start is making sure all your details are correct, such as email addresses, phone numbers, opening times and your bricks and mortar address. A few minutes spent checking and editing where needed will help for the rest of the year.

Social Media – Have you checked to see where your potential customers are ‘hanging out’ online socially? Do you need to be saying something on Facebook or Linked-In, perhaps adding more images to Instagram or Pinterest? What you want to avoid doing is spending time on social media channels that bring you little or no benefit throughout the year.

Emailing – Do you have a Mailchimp account or similar and when was the last time you sent something to either your current or new customer lists? If the answer is don’t know, then you are missing a trick. For a reasonable number of email addresses Mailchimp is free and allows you to keep your current customers close to you and broadcast your great products and services to a wider audience, with relatively little effort throughout the year.

Write a Blog – Like this one. Helps you to be seen as a thought leader in your industry, as well as giving a unique voice to your company.

Google Analytics – Are you being found online and more importantly are you being found for the right things? It only looks great when 50 people find your website, but not so great when 49 of them leave straightaway because you are not offering what they want. A quick check could bring great rewards.

So while you are running around this month, spend a few minutes now to make this year your best ever.

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