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creatively yours website development and design blog

News and Insights from Creatively Yours, and from around the internet. If we feel it will help our customers we will publish it, if we come across useful information we will pass it on. Also from our own desks, perhaps some bits and pieces that might shed some light on running a business.

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What next now that the lockdown is being eased?

By Simon Measures | July 30, 2020

The one question that everyone is asking, regardless of whether they are selling products online or looking to promote services, is namely “how do I maintain my market and audience once they are free to roam?” From our experience, the one mistake you can make right now is to assume…

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news and insights from creatively yours.

news and insights

How does Blogging Help my Sales?

By Simon Measures | August 5, 2022

The one question I keep asking myself when spending the time writing a blog is “does my blog actually help bring in sales?” In fact this seems to be the one thing that everyone wants to know the answer to. Well the answer is…. I really cannot say for certain. From memory, no one has…

Who are you selling to?

By Simon Measures | July 21, 2022

Marketing Personas – Do you know who you are selling to? In today’s more cluttered and spend-conscious online world, being clear on who you want to see your marketing message is more important than ever. As a simple example, how interested would you be to receive information about tyre fitting equipment when you run a…

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