Project Management for Fun & Profit

One of the biggest issues faced by both Website builders and Website Purchasers, aside from not being clear on the project brief and overall expectations is project management.

The fault for this lies on both sides of the proverbial purchasing table with suppliers not showing what they need in terms of approvals and content and customers not being clear on when they can supply said approvals and content.

What is strange, considering that most website developers already use a number of project management tools such as Agile, Scrum and Trello, is that they seem unwilling to share these techniques and knowlege with their customers. It just seems obvious that the best approach to resolving the wide ranging complaints about project managment is visibity – so you as the customer can see when items will be sent for approval and the developers can see when you will be sending content or approvals – better planning all round.

From a quick trawl across the web and only focusing on WordPress there are a number of so called ‘Client’ facing project management tools that are easy to install, quick to setup and which, over time, could resolve 98% of the complaints about project timings at a stroke. A couple that caught our eye were;

SP Document and Project Management

Panorama Project Management

I have always felt that the best approach to any development is visibility and we will certainly be using one of these project management tools with all of our customers in the very near future, just let everyone know you heard it hear first.

About the Author
Simon has been in the industry for many years starting with his first website going on line in 1997 during the days of ‘Dial-Up’ networks (and you think that page loading times are difficult to achieve now!). With over 25 years practical experience in Sales and Marketing at all levels from International Blue Chip companies such as Nestle, GSK, Boots, Pfizer, Colgate Palmolive through to SME’s and One Man Bands he is well placed to help you promote your business online. Now running his own Digital Agency, Creatively Yours, he still believes that being online with your product or service should be simple, effective and affordable for you.

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