So someone makes a Negative Comment on our Social Media – So What?

Not too long ago we blogged about the effect that a poor experience, either online with your website or in person in your shop or café, can have on your business ( ) and today we continue the series by looking at Social Media.

We all have them, customers that just need to complain and it seems their life ambition is to find something wrong with everything. In the past these customers would have had a limited audience and it was often said that every upset customer would affect about 10 other people, but not anymore.

With Social Media marketing becoming a more and more important part of just about every modern service related business, it is more essential than ever to have a Social Media plan, to make sure that all posts are answered, both good and bad.

If someone says you or your services are great, make sure that you answer this quickly with a thank you and maybe a little nudge for a review if they have not already left one. Equally, if someone leaves a bad review answer this quickly and, if it is a complicated matter, suggest using something like Direct Messaging to deal with the matter privately.

Now you may say that doing this is obvious, but how many times recently have you been on Google looking to book somewhere and decide to look at the comments? If you see some positive comments you think ‘great’, but then further down are some negatives and you decide to look a bit further. Pretty soon you note that none of the posts have been answered and then your next thought is ‘obviously they do not care about customer satisfaction’. This may or may not be true but what else can you think?

So in this age of Feefo ( and Trustpilot ( do not forget that a minor complaint on Facebook for example, if left un-answered, can become tomorrow’s bad review (which you should also not forget to answer).

With the latest software systems, there is no longer an excuse to ignore customer comments. From instant Chat windows and Social Media apps on your phone, you can set your Customer Service team up with everything they need to help and give a great impression.

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