Still Allowing Your Current Website Developer to Control your Website?

Virtually every day we hear people complaining that they had a website built by company X and now they cannot access the Domain Name Control Panel or the Website’s Control Panel, that the site they had built is almost impossible to update and that they are being charged a fortune for simple updates.

Our answer to this has always been quite straightforward – you should control your own Domain Name, and have it hosted where you want it. Any development company worth its salt should be able to let you know the changes to make to point to their server or make the changes for you (as long as you change the password afterwards). The benefits are many fold but are basically if the password is lost, the reset email is sent to you (not the development company) and should you have a falling out with the development company, you will not be held to ransom should you want to move away.

The same should also be true for the Control Panel of your website – surely you should have free access to go in and update the contents and imagery to keep everything fresh? We have, in the past, seen some really awful practices, where the development company had to make every change to the website (and charge you for every one!), on the basis that this was so complicated, that you were likely to damage the site and cost yourself even more money. Our practice has always been to make the websites easy to update and encourage you to make as many changes as your busy working schedules allow and, to this end, give full access to your website and through automatic back-ups and roll-backs you can be confident of doing no damage to your site.

Using our experience, the best piece of advice that we can give is to make sure that, no matter what platform you choose, be it Word Press, Square Space, Wix etc., is that you have the website professionally designed and, if at all possible, professionally built. This will make it easier for you to update your website in the long run, as you will have a great starting point to work from. Building from one of their pre-designed templates invariably restricts and always infuriates further down the line.

So, to sum up, in this day and age there is no reason to allow website development companies to have complete and sole control over YOUR Domain Name and Website, which is after all one of your most important Marketing tools.

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