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Why did I bother with all that GDPR Nonsense?

GDPR and Marketing Creatively Yours Website Design Kettering

You may or may not have noticed, but I certainly have, that the amount of spam and nuisance calls is on the increase since we all spent our time and money making sure that we all complied with the latest set of regulations concerning GDPR and the use and protection of personal data in all…

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2 Years in Business – Already!

2 Years and Onwards for Creatively Yours Website Design Kettering

Incredibly, it was 2 years ago that we started Creatively Yours, with the basic over-arching principle of helping small businesses make the most of the opportunities made available by the internet. From our initial, and pretty bold statement of ‘We make selling on-line, Simple, Affordable and Effective’ We have strived to de-mystify the internet for…

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When is the Right Time to Update your Website?

Website Design Kettering, Northamptonshire

Do you change your car regularly to make sure you have the latest Safety Technology, the best fuel efficiency and the greatest comfort, or do you keep hold of your car way longer than you should because you have become attached and ‘comfy’ with it? This is fine for cars and possibly settees, but could…

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Use Every Avenue to keep building Awareness of your Brand.

As the need to reduce costs throughout your business is being given ever more focus in these uncertain times, it is easy to lose site of the main thing that Sales need which is brand awareness. In your everyday life, you know yourself, that you are much more likely to purchase a recognised brand’s product…

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Should I wait and See or Do Some Marketing?

Creatively Yours Website Design and Digital Marketing - Wait and see of do some Marketing

Most small business owners right now are stuck between Two decisions. Should I wait for the results of the Brexit discussions and hold off making any decisions that have a cost attached (except for the desperately urgent) or spend something on marketing to potentially develop the future business. I suppose there is no completely right…

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You Need to Know This!

Creatively Yours Website Design and Digital Marketing - You need to know your website analytics

Despite the ease with which businesses can, with even a small amount of technical knowledge, set up something like Google Analytics on their website, it is amazing how few companies actually do. Given the amount of information available, even at a relatively high level within Analytics, which is incredibly useful in determining what is happening…

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