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You Need to Know This!

Creatively Yours Website Design and Digital Marketing - You need to know your website analytics

Despite the ease with which businesses can, with even a small amount of technical knowledge, set up something like Google Analytics on their website, it is amazing how few companies actually do. Given the amount of information available, even at a relatively high level within Analytics, which is incredibly useful in determining what is happening…

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Are constant cut price sales really good for your business?

Creatively Yours Website Design and Digital Marketing Are constant sales really good for you?

In common with most companies, we are always looking for ways to increase sales and bring in more enquiries and it is tempting to just fall back on discounting your products and services, but does this actually help build your business? Unfortunately, when you start analysing the actual life time sales value of this approach,…

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Always Remember you are Selling to Human Beings!

To always remember you are selling to other humans seems obvious, but equally we could have said ‘never let an opportunity to sell to someone go to waste’ let me explain. During a recent weekend break to the seaside, I found myself sat on a bench waiting for my wife and noted one of those…

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