2 Years in Business – Already!

Incredibly, it was 2 years ago that we started Creatively Yours, with the basic over-arching principle of helping small businesses make the most of the opportunities made available by the internet.

From our initial, and pretty bold statement of

‘We make selling on-line, Simple, Affordable and Effective’

We have strived to de-mystify the internet for small businesses by offering simple, clear advice based on our own experiences and history of running a business. So, no hugely complicated blogs with loads of industry buzz words from us.

And this seems to have been a winning formula with our customers who have joined us over the months, many of which have come back for second websites from us for new business ventures they have started, or have moved somewhat silent websites across to us to inject a spark and have them doing what they should, which is to bring in enquiries.

2 Years and Onwards for Creatively Yours Website Design Kettering
2 Years and Onward for Creatively Yours Website Design Kettering

Earlier this year we revamped our own website and decided that actually, what our customers needed, was for us to make the web work for them. So we have modified our company statement and, in-line with our stated intent, made it even simpler by saying;

Making the Web Work for You

If you need honest, clear advice on how to make the most of your online marketing, whether it is

  • Brand Design or Re-Design
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design and Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • WordPress Training
  • SEO Help and Training
  • Tele-Sales Support

For all our loyal customers we still need your help to promote our message to the wider world. Everyone who left a review – THANK YOU, but if you have not as yet and have a couple of minutes we would really appreciate it. Just follow the below link


Creatively Yours can show you how to leverage the latest technology to highlight those areas that could win you more sales. For more information why not drop us a line to hello@creatively-yours.co.uk, use our Contact Form or call us on 01536 23 98 98

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