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Once your website is designed and developed, and you are happy with its content and calls to action, it's time to do some Digital Marketing and attract traffic to it.

Creatively Yours will help you to understand just how powerful the promotional opportunities of email and other digital marketing will be for your business and how we can help get a fantastic return on investment.

Good Search Engine Optimisation

Give the search engines what they want to see, in the format that they want and you will have a great start to being ranked well. No tricks no sleight of hand as you will be found out eventually.

Good SEO is about being both creative and realistic. Creatively Yours have the diagnostic tools which tell us which terms will drive traffic and at the same time give achievable results within our clients' budgets, ultimately ensuring a great return from your SEO investment.

Social Media Marketing

Creatively Yours social media team take the time to work out which platform is best suited to your company, products and services it may be that Facebook advertising or Linked In promotions will find your customer's. In the long run this tailoring of your social media marketing will bring you the greatest return on your social media investment.

We will strategise the social campaign, use creative design techniques and intelligently monitor your performance for the ultimate return on investment.

Promotional Videos & Photography

You Tube and Google are seeing the benefits of promotional video to show your products and services and are benefiting companies that use this technology.

Creatively Yours video production department produce creative and engaging HD marketing films for your website, social media pages, HD widescreen presentation, DVD and almost any other media you will need.

We have the capability to develop videos for tablets, smart phones, laptop presentation, widescreen and even cinema and TV.

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