What is in a Brand Name?

Recently, while looking on the internet, I came across an American site that rated cars and more specifically, Brand Name and models of cars that they felt would not make 100,000 miles without spending huge amounts of cash on repairs. So what? Well in looking through this list there were a couple of brand name that, I had previously thought, stood for reliable and well-made vehicles.

These companies, who shall remain anonymous for obvious reasons, have been living on their brand reputation for some time as recently they seem to have been happy to save a bit of money, mainly through reductions in the general quality of build and components being used.

This lowering of the quality took some time to be noticed but now, oh boy, has it been noticed and so their carefully and patiently built reputation has been completely forgotten and replaced by the new name of “Built as badly as the……..”

So, to the point of this blog, which is to remind all businesses that brand loyalty is important but can only take you so far, and you could be wasting hundreds of pounds building a brand reputation, only for your overall product and quality of service to ultimately let you down.

You have been warned.

Brand Names are nothing without quality and service

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