What next now that the lockdown is being eased?

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The one question that everyone is asking, regardless of whether they are selling products online or looking to promote services, is namely “how do I maintain my market and audience once they are free to roam?”

From our experience, the one mistake you can make right now is to assume that your recently gained customers are going to continue to purchase from you once the lockdown is completely eased. Unfortunately, this may not be the case and is wholly dependent on how great their overall experience has been when dealing with your company. Many of them will remain loyal and will continue to buy from you, provided they feel you have looked after them well and gone the extra mile when times were difficult for everyone.  

But now is not the time to relax and ease back on your standards, in fact it could be suggested that giving a little extra towards the end of the crisis period will pay dividends. Taking an example from other industries, in this case car parts, where the addition of a cool sticker in the box with the parts wins not only the loyalty of the purchaser, but also their friends as well. A simple ploy but effective.

People tend to have short memories when it comes to great service, but with each contact point you have with them, you can cement your company’s name in their minds and make them less likely to move to a competitor. Equally, the opposite is true – where a company uses the current emergency to give poor service or inflate prices, people will remember this and, as soon as an alternative is available, will move away from your website without a backward glance.

So, our answer to the question “how do I maintain my market and website audience once they are freed from their homes?” is straightforward. Look after your customers as well as you can, go above and beyond where you can, and maintain contact with targeted offers and special deals as much as you can.

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