When is the Right Time to Update your Website?

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Do you change your car regularly to make sure you have the latest Safety Technology, the best fuel efficiency and the greatest comfort, or do you keep hold of your car way longer than you should because you have become attached and ‘comfy’ with it?

This is fine for cars and possibly settees, but could be the worst decision you can make for your website. In terms of marketing, your website should be considered the hub of your online activities, with feeds coming in and links going out from your site’s pages.

For any of this to have an effect, your site needs to be found by the search engines and to do that it needs to comply with the latest requirements in terms of security, code base and responsive display. Older websites simply do not.

Even as recently as the middle of last year it was a positive requirement, from Google in this case, that any websites secured and displaying the HTTPS padlock would be given a higher page ranking than those that did not. This could mean that, if your website is more than a couple of years old, it is already losing ground to newer sites.

When you consider the changes that have been made recently to the CMS (Content Management System) to make website editors more powerful, easier and more straightforward to update the content, there is really no need to have to keep returning to your original developer to continue making changes. If you are, then you are wasting money that could be spent on updating to a new website, that you can easily make changes to yourself.

Is your website display responsive i.e. does it change how it shows the information dependant on the device being used to view it? If not, then you should look at updating your site. With ever greater numbers of people browsing using Smart Phones, Phablets and Tablets rather than PCs, you need your website to display your products and services instantly and clearly. No one these days is going to want to scroll left to right, or backwards and forwards to see the information that should be sized for the screen – all they will do is go back and look somewhere else – you have been warned.

Creatively Yours can show you how to leverage the latest technology to highlight those areas that could be losing you sales. For more information why not drop us a line to hello@creatively-yours.co.uk or call us on 01536 23 98 98

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