You Need to Know This!

Despite the ease with which businesses can, with even a small amount of technical knowledge, set up something like Google Analytics on their website, it is amazing how few companies actually do. Given the amount of information available, even at a relatively high level within Analytics, which is incredibly useful in determining what is happening with your website, this makes it all the more surprising.

For example, with very little actual technical ‘digging’ you can find out

  • What words were used to find your goods or services
  • Which pages were visited and for how long?
  • Where in your website visitors are leaving?

All of which are crucial to developing your online presence, so from these three pieces of information, you can work out what you are being found for, what your visitors are interested in seeing or reading and at what point you should have asked for the contact or the order before they lost interest and left.

What is worse though, is when companies spend the time and effort to either install Google Analytics themselves, or pay a website developer to add this for them, but then, like New Year’s Resolutions, allow the interest to wane, eventually stop looking at the results altogether and default back to the add content and hope strategy.

Your Website, Position 1, Page 1 on Every search engine – no problem sir!

Far too often I have spoken to people who have horror stories of companies who want to help you with your page ranking or improve your SEO. You think ‘sounds great’ and so they add their own companies analytics tracking codes into your site so only they can view it, make a few changes to some of the pages and then show you a bunch of results each month. These reports supposedly demonstrating how well everything is going but against which you cannot see any actual physical results i.e. no additional enquiries.

Without some of your own knowledge and access to the analytics results, it is all too easy for these companies to show you a steady increase in visitor numbers but not show how many people bounced immediately away, as the search phrases being used are incorrect for your company’s products or services. Also, how long did they spend on your site actually looking at your information or did they just glance at a page or two and leave. None of these actions will help your business no matter how many people visit your website..

So as I said at the beginning of this blog You Need to Know This! To begin the setup of analytics for yourself follow this link or do a quick search in the numerous you tube videos and see for yourselves how you can not only setup analytics, but also understand and benefit from all that it can tell you.

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