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Always Remember you are Selling to Human Beings!

To always remember you are selling to other humans seems obvious, but equally we could have said ‘never let an opportunity to sell to someone go to waste’ let me explain. During a recent weekend break to the seaside, I found myself sat on a bench waiting for my wife and noted one of those…

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Brexit – Should not Cause you to Stop Marketing

Brexit Digital Marketing from Creatively Yours

From looking at the news about, and around, Brexit it seems that a lot of businesses are sitting back and waiting for the good or the bad news rather than being a bit more pro-active and continuing to promote their business. After all Nurses will continue to Nurse, Fireman continue to fight fires and we…

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Panic – Sales have gone quiet!

Creatively Yours New Customers and Orders in January

This time of year is a bit of a struggle to find new customers in certain market places. Christmas and the New Year seem to be some sort of a brick wall rather than what they actually are which are dates in a calendar. It may be that right now you are running around trying…

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It is not making a mistake that kills your business, it is how you correct it!

Website Issues - How you handle complaints is key to ongoing success

Recently I looked at the effect having a poor Front End website experience has on your business ( and now I look at the effect poor back-end systems have on the service that you can give to your customers. At this time of year everyone involved in selling directly to the public, especially online,…

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Do you know someone who is Social Media Addicted?

In a news report published today, Cutting your social media time to around 30 minutes a day could reduce loneliness and depression, according to a study published last week in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology. For the study, 143 undergraduate students at the University of Pennsylvania were randomly split into two groups: one in…

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Is this the end of Google +?

Google Announces the end of Google Plus

Google announced that it is going to shut down the consumer version of Google+ over the next 10 months, the company writes in a blog post today. The decision follows the revelation of a previously undisclosed security flaw that exposed users’ profile data that was remedied in March 2018. Google’s Social Media Platform – What…

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Don’t Let your Online Issues Damage your Business.

News and Insights from Creatively Yours

From today’s news feeds it seems that customer’s reactions to your online presence is now having a pretty damaging and direct effect on your business both on and offline. It seems that even large store groups are not immune with the recently sold for a £1 Homebase Stores having been voted the worst in a…

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How Does Blogging Help My Sales

How does Blogging Help my Sales - from Creatively Yours, Website Design Kettering

HOW DOES BLOGGING HELP MY SALES? The one question I keep asking myself about Blogs is ‘Does my blog actually help bring in sales?’ In fact it is the one question that everyone wants to know the answer to. Well the answer is…. I Really do not know. Certainly no one has contacted me and…

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