You really need a Website Project Manager

Website Project Manager Creatively Yours Website Design and Development

Are your current developers too big to care – Or too remote to be bothered? (In Case you missed it Part 1 can be read Here) Have you experienced the frustration of spending your time, chasing for information, trying to find out when your project will be finished or if the updated information you sent…

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Building or Ruining Your Perceived Value

At this time of year, you could be forgiven for feeling a bit of panic and slashing your prices. But should you? We ask the question not to be provocative but to start you looking at the perceived value of your products and services and what indicators there are that this is being eroded. So,…

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2020 The Year that nearly was!

Another year has flown by, and no matter what industry you are working in there have certainly been some real high points and terrible low points along the way. Regardless of where the year has left your business you still need to prepare for some of the challenges that this new decade will inevitably throw…

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