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As you may have seen during the current political campaign, in these days of putting your entire life online, it is all too easy to be caught out in a half-truth. This is even more so when it comes to product sales.

A quick look through You Tube and there are any number of channels dedicated to debunking scam products or showing where products have not met the expected quality.

So what is the answer?

Put quite simply, do not overcook the pudding and be as honest as you can. If your product has a particular function then by all means shout about it, but do not say sturdy construction when you know that the plastic used is so thin, a gentle pressure causes it to flex. Equally, if you know that your battery life is only acceptable, then perhaps not focusing on this is a better idea. Far worse is exaggerating. How many times have you seen statements like ‘long-life battery’ or ‘all-day performance’ only for the device to pack up after a couple of hours? Certainly, you will have heard someone say ‘The blasted battery has gone again, so much for….’

So when it comes to ongoing product sales, do you think a purchaser of this flimsy, plastic device with poor battery life will ever come back and shop with you – unless you are the cheapest in the market by a long margin?

How are my products found?

The pressure is always there to just call your product absolutely every name you have ever heard it called, in the hope that someone lands on it. But, as a different idea perhaps try researching for yourself what people are typing in to find your products. Both Google and Bing have tools to facilitate this. As a further suggestion perhaps avoid:

“Hot Selling for PHONE11 12 PRO MAX 6.7 Inch full Display Android 10.0 Used Mobile for Phone 11 12 PRO Cell Phone Smartphone”*

Which is wrong on so many levels.

If you are selling a new phone, say so. If it is used, then again be clear and can it be suggested that advertising an Android version from 2019 as a brand-new phone, is not the greatest sales pitch.

*This is an actual live product listing on Alibaba.

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