Phishing is not Fun

(Although, for many Fishing is!)

You may have noticed the recent increase in emails landing in your inbox, either confirming that your delivery is held ‘pending a small payment’ or reporting some ‘unusual activity’ on your account, that needs you to follow a random link, to check and resolve and others saying that you have won something expensive from a well known branded company.

For most of us, the fact that none of the link addresses makes any sense or points to very odd companies or people is enough to tell us to mark the email as spam and move it to junk. The main annoyance is that there is always another one coming in. The problem lies in when you are not concentrating or are actually waiting for confirmation of a delivery, click on the legitimate-looking button and are redirected to a website with branding and realistic-looking written content.

But do not think that you are alone in this. Some of the largest organisations you can think of have probably had a member of staff that has either fallen for this or has otherwise been targeted by entities trying to find a way to hack into the major networks.

Earlier this month, even a company as large and as ‘Tech’ savvy as Mailchimp had been hacked and we await the fallout from this. Certainly, the constant flow of Phishing emails looks unlikely to stop, so we all need to make sure that our own security is as good as it can be, Anti-Virus is up to date and Malware removal tools used. But, above all, we need to be vigilant when opening emails and, dare I suggest, you do not open your emails until after your first cup of coffee in the morning.

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