Avoid False Promises and Fake Search Terms

After a cry of frustration was heard in the office, it suddenly became clear what we should be blogging about this time. False Search terms.

So what do we mean by that? Put simply, you type a search term into your choice of search engine, in our case Bio Ethanol fuel and a number of sites are listed, all saying that, yes, we have Bio Ethanol fuel. Now, naming no names the first three looked at did not even sell the Bio Fuel fireplaces, let alone the fuel. These three were not small companies either – we are talking major nationals. So why list this as a relevant search term for your product range?

Perhaps they hope that, while we are on their site looking for Bio Ethanol fuel, we would suddenly decide to purchase an Electric Heater? It would make more sense if we had typed ‘heaters’ or ‘heating’ but not with such a specific search term.

Let us not start on the further listings in the search engine, where the companies had none in stock and no re-stock date. All this does is annoy visitors and potential customers. Certainly, we would not be visiting these sites from the search engine, as you could just be wasting our time – again! So perhaps it is best to not show these products at all until you have them in stock, given the fickle nature of today’s online shopper.

All of this showed how chasing possibly non-existent customers, by retaining or using ‘popular’ search terms to drag in visitors, can actually be eroding the carefully built-up trust in your brand.

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