Santa is Coming – Sooner than you think!

With all the indications coming from the UK Government about the restrictions to tackle the current pandemic and the potential length of time they will be in place for, now more than ever, you really need to focus on your online sales.

Without time on your side then at least the following needs to be on your website check list as quickly as possible:

Target Product Range

Halo Product to Bring in the visitors

Website Banners, Market Emailers and Product Imagery consistently branded together.

Company or Product Differentiator

Target Product Range

Have you looked at your products and identified those that would either make great gifts or that would suit the festive season best, either decoratively or to eat but, at the same time, keep an eye on how you will deliver these to the customer. Right now delivery companies are becoming increasingly busy as people begin to panic buy, so you need to make as certain as possible that your products are packed in such a way that gives you the greatest flexibility. Avoiding dedicated packets or unusual sizes may seem obvious but can put so many barriers in the way, that it can impact on your sales if you cannot offer, for example, express or Saturday deliveries.

Halo Product

Most often used by very high end and premium brands as a Marketing technique but could be applied just as easily to your products. Do you have one item that regardless of price, is unique to you and would, if placed in a swanky store, draw a lot of interest? If so, why not build a new Festive Season landing page with that as the main image, drawing visitors in and then linking this into the rest of your chosen festive products.

Website Banners, Market Emailers and Product Imagery – Consistent Branding

So you have your chosen products, you have your Halo Product but now you need to let people know that you exist. The first step in this is to make sure that your messaging, colour pallet and imagery are consistent across all your media channels and marketing touch points. How many times have you searched for a product, having seen an advert, only to find eventually that the name on the product on the website is different? Annoying certainly, but in a busy marketplace could cause customers to give up and go elsewhere.

Company or Product Differentiator

Do you know what sets you apart from your competitors? Now could be the time to find out what this is and make the most of it. Is it price, product range, free local delivery, or something else? Whatever this is, make sure that you add this to your Messaging and keep it consistent across all your marketing touch points.

Hopefully everything will start returning to normal sooner rather than later but, if not, at least make sure you make the most of the peak online shopping periods. For example, do you have plans in place for Black Friday, January Sales, Easter? – just in case.

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