5 Web Design Trends 2022

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It is always nice to be proven correct about something. Especially when it comes to something as important as websites which are the shop windows of our customers’ businesses.

Some of the elements of websites have been noted as design trends for 2022, although most of these we have been using to great effect for a couple of years now. Items such as –

1. Full Page Headers – this gives visitors, in a single glance, some idea on what your site is about and who it is targeted at. This makes this area, in our opinion, an essential part of the design. With movement in the background and elements moving on top, this can give your website an attention grabber.

2. Parallax Scrolling – Again we have used this for a number of years, or so it seems, but it is only now being noticed as a design trend. This can give crucial depth to a website by layering up a background image, boxes, and content. Care should be taken with this as we have seen a number of sites where the level of sliding elements makes navigation difficult and in some cases almost migraine-inducing.

3. Horizontal Scrolling – initially used to show a large number of ‘our other customers’ logos on the screen without using uploads of your, what is in effect, paid for real estate. This has developed and we now use this to show multiple blogs horizontally on the screen, as well as advertising areas with multiple messages and even ‘Read More’ sections where vertical space is at a premium.

4. Multimedia Experiences – Some of our customers have in the past rolled their eyes when we keep on about the need for videos, imagery, and music, where possible correctly linked and labelled for YouTube or Instagram for example, on your website. It seems that once again we have been justified in our insistence as this has been listed as one of the key design trends for this year.

5. Focus on UX / UI – The more eagle-eyed amongst you may notice that the SmartPhone versions of the websites are slightly different from the tablet versions and, in certain respects differ from the PC versions. This is down to how visitors use websites depending on which device they are using. At the most basic level, there is no point in using anything that displays when you roll your mouse pointer over it on, for example, a smartphone or tablet as there is no mouse pointer.

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