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Are your current developers too big to careOr too remote to be bothered?

(In Case you missed it Part 1 can be read Here)

Have you experienced the frustration of spending your time, chasing for information, trying to find out when your project will be finished or if the updated information you sent has even been received by the right person? You are not alone in this, but why put up with it?

We have several customers who approached us recently for help to either finish a project or even start again stating these very reasons, they had either been lost in a huge corporation and feeling that their problems are too minor to deal with or would cost them a fortune to have them escalated to a more senior technician to work on, or the person working on their project was really in a completely different continent and extremely hard to pin down.

In this post we explore the advantage of having a local company with a

Dedicated project manager for your website build.

We are sure that, in the past, you have been developing your website, and you start off with the sales guy and are then passed to the designer, who then passes you to the build team, to then go to the UX/UI specialist, and at every point of this process you notice small delays creeping in. The ‘do not have the image for this area from the designer’ and the ‘I am still waiting for this change from the build team’ or the perennial ‘sorry did you not receive the email where we were asking for approval and the additional content?’

What you need, and what we offer, is someone to oversee the process from conception to completion – why should you be the one chasing? A good project manager will have the entire process planned out with points where they will need your input or information and updates from the rest of the team.

Want to make some changes? No problem, your Project Manager will know where things are in production and will either absorb these into the overall plan or advise you up front what the impact would be either in time or cost.

How many times have you been developing your new website, go through the design, the build stage, and are sitting in the go-live presentation meeting, to be faced with that awkward silence when they unveil the finished product and it is not what you envisaged, either in form or function? You can see what each of the people involved were aiming for, but they have individually moved away just slightly from what you wanted, to cumulatively miss the target. Would it not be better to be able to watch the development live? In this way, any drifting away from your concept and, it is your concept after-all, can be spotted instantly and brought back on track without delay.

It is clear that you need a website development company that is not only local to you but is set up with a dedicated single point of contact acting as your project manager. Not so big that each ‘team’ sends their ‘Team Leader of the day’ into a meeting to update on why no progress has been made from the person working on it that week.

Next time, we look at design companies that only allow a very limited number of changes – is this a way of focusing on you or just a way of building up your spend with them?

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