Do not Hide your Telephone Number

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Internet access via mobile, tablets, and PC’s is so quick and easy that we, in line with a great many other companies, will do a quick telephone number look up of a new number, while the phone is still ringing. Almost immediately we can see if it is likely to be a Scam Call Centre, an Actual Customer, or a Company looking to sell us something (which may or may not be a bad thing depending on timing).

But increasingly, and in our opinion, incorrectly, some of the larger and perfectly legitimate companies are using spurious 0898 and 0845 numbers to hide behind, so that you cannot contact them directly, only through the controlled central number with the 12 thousand options.

So the phone rings, we look at the caller number displayed, do an online look up, and see that it either has no company or information listed for it, or that it has been reported as spam and ignore. Sometimes the caller leaves a message but, more often not, so you mark the number as spam anyway and either block or add it to your list of numbers to ignore.

This leaves the question, for those companies that do hide their telephone numbers – how do you or your sales team now contact and prospect new customers? There will always be those that say “but what if I receive loads of spam calls?” to which the easy response is – “and you receive none now”? and surely the value of new business gained must override the slight inconvenience of looking up a few unknown telephone numbers?

And for the marketers amongst you, a quick question – which company would you spend your money with? One that has no contact information listed or one that is happy to show the address and landline telephone number?

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