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How long are your Terms and Conditions of Sale – a couple of easy to read pages or do they span numerous pages? The reason for asking relates to problems our customers have had with their other website design and hosting suppliers in the past.

To give some sort of context we, as a company, have never quoted our Terms and Conditions against a customer. You know how this goes – you contact a company’s customer services chatbot and after several epochs you receive the answer ‘Well if you check in our Terms you will see that…..’ which usually means that a clever lawyer has covered them for the sort of mistake that they commonly make and that you are currently suffering from.

You really should not have to. If you give honest advice, great service and in our case work hard to make sure that we do not have unhappy customers, it should not be needed. We would go as far as to say, that if you are having these conversations with your customers, then you have already lost them to a competitor.

To give the latest example, which incidentally led to writing this blog, I was listening to a commercial radio station and contemplating the back of an Audi whilst stuck in a traffic jam, when I focused in on the end of an advert. You know the sort, 10 seconds of actual advert and then 20 seconds of Terms and Conditions played back at an almost garbled, double speed. This made me think. Why not just make the advert honest and clear and then avoid the need for all the clarification at the end? Marketers for these companies seem to be so desperate to make their offering seem too good to be true, that I am sure, these days, it just turns people off (see our last blog on the effect spammy marketing techniques have on your business)

So, it seems that the larger the business the more they will use Terms and Conditions against you as the customer. Conversely, this means that we, as small business owners, can use honest, straightforward service, be clear on our offers and win long standing, loyal customers for our businesses.

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