How Does Blogging Help My Sales


The one question I keep asking myself about Blogs is ‘Does my blog actually help bring in sales?’ In fact it is the one question that everyone wants to know the answer to.

Well the answer is…. I Really do not know. Certainly no one has contacted me and said, “saw your blog and had to pick up the phone” and as I write I have not heard from anybody who has. So perhaps the question should be “how does my blog fit into and help my overall marketing plan?”

From recent experience, it seems that most of us go through the actions of Marketing but have not looked at how any of the elements link together. At the same time missing out on adding automation to the incoming information to do the important personalisation of responses to nurture these into enquiries.

During a recent internal meeting I was amazed with the amount of segmentation that our contact data went through and therefore the number of different emails needed to give as close to a personalised email plan as we can.

So my conclusion from today is that Blogs do work but only as part of a plan targeted at your ideal customer and without them do not expect to be seen as a thought leader which is how ultimately enquiries are brought in, though perhaps not straight from your blog page!

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