We have a blog – how does it benefit us?

It is still a commonly asked question – my company has a blog, how can it benefit us?

When your company has a blog it is often seen in a fairly un-favourable light. You may well have heard this yourself “oh yes, we have one of those, not sure it does much” or similar words. But this is looking at your blog in isolation and there are a number of ways that it can bring benefits to your brand, customers, profit line and even to your website’s page ranking.

Regardless of whether you are selling B2C or B2B the buying process has changed dramatically over the past few years. Access to the internet and an almost unlimited amount of information means that consumers will do their own research about your products and services, long before they enter into the purchase process and long before most will contact your sales team.

This is especially true in the B2B marketplace, where an estimated 47% of active buyers will read 3 – 5 blog posts before speaking to a salesman (Source: Demand Gen Report)

Given this, it is important to have the right information available to your customers to help them with their decision process.

Examples of blog articles to help with this could be:

  • Evaluating your products and listing the benefits that they bring for each sector or application
  • Announcing product launches
  • Frequently asked questions

There may be times when your new product or service is beneficial to your customers but is complicated to explain. An example of this could be things like software or equipment. By discussing this in a blog and offering advice, tips, and user guides you can, in effect, be a manual that is always up to date. Imagine the burden you will be taking from your customer service team.

A good, well-written blog, regularly published and recognised as authoritative, can be a wonderful tool to build a sense of trust with your company. At the most basic level, if a potential customer does not trust your company, then they will simply not purchase from you, irrespective of price advantage.

If you want to know more, an estimated 68% of readers feel that blogs help to add credibility to a website (Source: KoMarketing). Additionally, approximately 70% of consumers actually prefer to read about a business with the help of content as opposed to hearing about it through an advertisement (Source: ContentPlus).

Let people know about your company values and the way that you develop and work with your employees, your company culture if you prefer. There is a strong indication that consumers prefer to do business with brands that demonstrate a commitment to people and the wider community. Using your blog to promote your company’s charity and community work, is a great way to demonstrate that you are a trustworthy member of the community.

Examples of this style of blog could be:

  • Interviews with your CEO and other top Directors and Managers.
  • Showcase a charitable event or community work you are carrying out
  • Something unique and possibly quirky that highlights your unique company culture.

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