creatively yours website design news and blog

creatively yours website design news and blog

Website Design News from Creatively Yours, with a dash of Small Business Helponomics. If we feel it will help our customers we will publish it, if we come across useful information we will pass it on. Also from our own desks, perhaps some bits and pieces that might shed some light on running a business.

Phishing is not Fun

By Simon Measures | January 25, 2023

(Although, for many Fishing is!) You may have noticed the recent increase in emails landing in your inbox, either confirming that your delivery is held ‘pending a small payment’ or reporting some ‘unusual activity’ on your account, that needs you to follow a random link, to check and resolve and…

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Avoid False Promises and Fake Search Terms

By Simon Measures | November 18, 2022

After a cry of frustration was heard in the office, it suddenly became clear what we should be blogging about this time. False Search terms. So what do we mean by that? Put simply, you type a search term into your choice of search engine, in our case Bio Ethanol…

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Do not Hide your Telephone Number

By Simon Measures | November 11, 2022

Internet access via mobile, tablets, and PC’s is so quick and easy that we, in line with a great many other companies, will do a quick telephone number look up of a new number, while the phone is still ringing. Almost immediately we can see if it is likely to…

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Terms and Conditions Apply?

By Simon Measures | October 14, 2022

How long are your Terms and Conditions of Sale – a couple of easy to read pages or do they span numerous pages? The reason for asking relates to problems our customers have had with their other website design and hosting suppliers in the past. To give some sort of…

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When things turn ugly distinctive marketing is your best response from Creatively Yours website design great yarmouth and kettering

Things Could Turn Ugly – So how will you respond?

By Simon Measures | September 28, 2022

All the signs are there for an economic downturn over the next few months which, coming so soon after the recent upheavals, will mean that things could turn ugly, commercially speaking. In previous Blog Posts we have spoken about holding your nerve and having faith in your marketing (available HERE)and…

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How are Scammers Affecting Your Marketing?

By Simon Measures | September 20, 2022

With the recent increases in Energy and Petrol prices, coupled with the worry that everyone has about spiralling costs, it is not necessarily a surprise that a number of, not exactly honest, companies have hit the adverts offering seemingly too good to be true, super efficient heaters and fabulous fuel…

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A quick guide to Google’s Helpful Content Update  

By Simon Measures | September 2, 2022

The latest search algorithm update from Google has started to be implemented a little earlier than originally stated by them on the 18th August. The stated aim of this latest change was to help remove AI or computer dictated, or directed if you will, mass content. In order to help…

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How does Blogging Help my Sales?

By Simon Measures | August 5, 2022

The one question I keep asking myself when spending the time writing a blog is “does my blog actually help bring in sales?” In fact this seems to be the one thing that everyone wants to know the answer to. Well the answer is…. I really cannot say for certain.…

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Who are you selling to?

By Simon Measures | July 21, 2022

Marketing Personas – Do you know who you are selling to? In today’s more cluttered and spend-conscious online world, being clear on who you want to see your marketing message is more important than ever. As a simple example, how interested would you be to receive information about tyre fitting…

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news and insights from creatively yours.

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Selling online is easy – right?

By Simon Measures | September 26, 2023

The simple answer is yes, relatively speaking – to an experienced website design and development company, it is no harder to build an e-commerce website than a brochure website. The basics of brand recognition, design, customer journey and simplicity of use are all the same, with the addition of bringing the design decisions across to…

The big killer is the lack of – we are sorry

By Simon Measures | September 18, 2023

Whilst taking a, seemingly rarer, break from work and scrolling, and for that read deleting, my way through the endless news stories, I came across a headline that caused me to pause and read. “Bus takes more than three hours from Norwich to Blofield – Norwich Evening News It should have been a simple eight-mile,…

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