creatively yours website design news and blog

creatively yours website design news and blog

Website Design News from Creatively Yours, with a dash of Small Business Helponomics. If we feel it will help our customers we will publish it, if we come across useful information we will pass it on. Also from our own desks, perhaps some bits and pieces that might shed some light on running a business.

Competing online, Creatively Yours website design Great Yarmouth & Kettering

Competing Online?

By Simon Measures | January 19, 2024

First, a home truth – virtually no small or medium business in existence out there has no competitors. And if we are being honest, regardless of your business type or market position, the competition is fierce these days, with a direct effect on your marketing costs. So how are you…

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What is my Return on Investment?

By Simon Measures | January 4, 2024

If there is one question that we are asked at the beginning of any project, it is ‘What will my return on investment be?’ To be honest, if this was not asked, we would be worried about working with the company. This is the crucial metric in determining the success…

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Showooming a term you may not have heard yet, Creatively Yours website design Great Yarmouth and Kettering

Showrooming, a term you may not have heard – yet

By Simon Measures | December 13, 2023

Aside from being another buzzword flying around, it is a term that has come about based on research focusing on the path that a typical customer would take to purchase. Showrooming is the term used when a customer comes to look at a product in a physical location but then…

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Selling Online is easy right_Website design and development from Creatively Yours website design Great Yarmouth and Kettering

Selling online is easy – right?

By Simon Measures | September 26, 2023

The simple answer is yes, relatively speaking – to an experienced website design and development company, it is no harder to build an e-commerce website than a brochure website. The basics of brand recognition, design, customer journey and simplicity of use are all the same, with the addition of bringing…

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Creatively Yours helps businesses succeed online through website design in Great Yarmouth and Kettering

The big killer is the lack of – we are sorry

By Simon Measures | September 18, 2023

Whilst taking a, seemingly rarer, break from work and scrolling, and for that read deleting, my way through the endless news stories, I came across a headline that caused me to pause and read. “Bus takes more than three hours from Norwich to Blofield – Norwich Evening News It should…

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Do you have a brand? website design Great Yarmouth and Kettering, we make being online simple, affordable and effective.

Do you have a brand?

By Simon Measures | July 20, 2023

In conversations recently and in our last blog – Social Media should you? The question of being clear on who you market to was raised. An important part of this same question is – what do you want your potential and current customers to see your brand stand for? Seems…

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Website design Great Yarmouth and Kettering from Creatively Yours Ltd

Social Media – Should You?

By Simon Measures | July 13, 2023

Not too long ago, the decision to promote or build awareness on social media, was a lot more straightforward, with the answer generally being yes. You then only had to decide where your target market was most likely to be found, which in itself was just a case of do…

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Cost of living rises and their effect on your business from Creatively Yours Website design Great Yarmouth and Kettering

Cost of living effects on business

By Simon Measures | June 22, 2023

As we are all too aware, the current trend is for higher monetary inflation and you can find many theories on what is driving the increase. If you couple this with input inflation, or the rise in price of materials and energy that you are purchasing, then this could be…

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Style over function? or in other words keep it simple. Website design from Creatively Yours Great Yarmouth and Kettering

Style over function? or in other words – Keep it simple!

By Simon Measures | June 13, 2023

It has been a trend over many years that high fashion brands, when promoting their products, especially perfumes and aftershaves, generally use very visually exciting imagery, but do tend to leave the viewer a bit stumped as to what the message was. The same can be said for the websites…

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news and insights from creatively yours.

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Customer Loyalty or where have all the customers gone?

By Simon Measures | July 3, 2024

To thrive in the current retail environment, as detailed in our recent blogs, you need to overcome a wide range of challenges and hopefully we have helped you make the first step in identifying them. Today, we are looking at something that is dear to us all, which is customer loyalty. As the retail industry…

Honesty is not the best, it is the only policy

By Simon Measures | June 25, 2024

As you may have seen during the current political campaign, in these days of putting your entire life online, it is all too easy to be caught out in a half-truth. This is even more so when it comes to product sales. A quick look through You Tube and there are any number of channels…

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