Why are visitors not buying from me?

Why are your visitors not buying from you blog from Creatively Yours Website design Kettering and Great Yarmouth

There are dozens of articles and reports online where you can find the latest, most up-to-date statistics on visitor behaviour. This blog is not one of them.

From reading through these articles and reports then comparing them directly with our customer’s feedback, we have narrowed these down to the following issues, which between them account for the bulk of visitors not buying from you.

1. Keep it simple, avoid over-complicated and confusing designs

2. Is your website old-fashioned, unprofessional, or using outdated imagery

3. How easy is your website to search?

1. Keep it simple!

US based Forrester Research carried out a poll and discovered that around 50% of potential sales are lost because visitors were unable to find what they are looking for on eCommerce websites. If you couple this with at least 45% of, in this case, US customers abandoning a purchase if they have questions about your product, service or shipping for example, but are not able to easily find the answer.

These numbers inform and confirm that having a website where it is easy to find everything quickly and easily and have a straightforward purchase process will increase your sales and revenue. How many sites have you visited with too many overlapping areas, clever pop-ups or side notifications which actually stop you seeing or clicking where you need to complete the purchase and you, like their other customers, have simply given up?

We also know that around 86% of online shoppers would be willing to pay more to those websites that give them a smoother, easier, clearer, shopping experience. Couple this with the fact that 49% of visitors are likely to impulse buy if the overall website shopping experience is a good one.

If we start with the fact that a good user and customer experience is probably the most important thing for online merchants, we can then look at where most companies fail. Look out for our next blog on:

Do you have an old-fashioned, unprofessional, or confusing website design?

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