5 Things a small business should avoid – Part 3 Avoiding Fatigue

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In common with a lot of our customers, we are a growing SME business and as such, are currently or have previously experienced a number of the same issues. These are many and varied, as is working for yourself, but in this series of posts we will look at 5 things that we think are key to building a growing business.

1. Single Client Dependency

2. Money and Accounts Management

3. Fatigue

4. Founder Dependency

5. Balancing Quality with Growth

In our previous blogs we have looked at the importance of having a breadth of customers with different sized projects and in our follow-on blog in the same series, we focus on the need to bring in expertise to help with money management.

This time we look at the risks involved if you, as the company owner, do not take any time away from the day to day running of the business. The long hours, completing the work and the ever-present pressure to perform, can have its toll on even the most passionate of people.

Many of the business owners that we know, even those with large work forces, end up working much longer hours than their employees. Worse than this, they all feel that their business will instantly fold up and collapse in their absence and so actively avoid taking any time away from work to recharge.

This over focus can lead directly to fatigue and this inevitably leads to you taking rash decisions about the business, and sometimes to thoughts about abandoning it altogether. In the current, unusual, market times It becomes more important than ever to find a life balance that keeps the business humming along, without grinding you down and which allows you to meet the challenges that come up early and often, in the building of a small business.

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