Style over function? or in other words – Keep it simple!

Style over function? or in other words keep it simple. Website design from Creatively Yours Great Yarmouth and Kettering

It has been a trend over many years that high fashion brands, when promoting their products, especially perfumes and aftershaves, generally use very visually exciting imagery, but do tend to leave the viewer a bit stumped as to what the message was.

The same can be said for the websites that are produced to act as the central hub for their marketing activities. I was asked to look at one of these recently, as a guide to the sort of look that my customers wanted for their new website. Yes the site, once it loaded, which took what felt like a couple of ice ages, looked great. Obviously no expense had been spared on the location work, photography and videography and yes the products certainly looked expensive, but this is where things went a bit awry. Definitely a case of style over function

Looking for the next pages, I became lost in a plethora of sliders, elements to roll over and waiting for videos to load, which then had the links for other items. This made me think, if this was not a multi-million pound brand developed over many years, would I be taking as much effort as I was, to wade through this site? For the rest of us mortals trying to build a business brand from scratch, I suspect that our visitors probably would not.

A great website has to have brilliant or at least great imagery, but it also needs to encourage and naturally lead your visitors through your offering, showing what the brand stands for, who you are and building sufficient interest for potential customers to take the next action, be it emailing, calling or purchasing. So to most of our start-ups, as well as SMEs, the message is the same. Keep it simple, make it obvious what action you want your website visitors to take, have some great photos to use and definitely avoid style over function.

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