eCommerce – The challenges SMEs face and the solutions

Companies around the world and of every size and shape, face numerous challenges while everyone adapts to the rush to digital commerce business. Over the years we have written a number of blogs focussed on discussing and offering solutions to some of these challenges and offer some of these again here.

Your Customers’ increasing brand expectation

Retail businesses across the world are continuously trying to build their reputation and become a recognised, sharp, brand image with the promise of a great customer experience.

From our recent blogs about avoiding false promises and fake search terms and how easy are you to deal with? There is more to building and maintaining a brand reputation, especially where the customers’ experience matters the most.

Tech-based giant companies, like Amazon, are working to take the buying process to the proverbial next level, with AI-based systems and anticipatory shipping options. Competing with this size of company is a huge challenge for all retailers today. The bulk of customers, when asked, would be willing to pay slightly more for a better experience, with many small business owners citing that they started their own businesses owing to a poor overall shopping experience.


To meet customer expectations, you need to ask your customers what they want from your brand, in order to develop a more personalised experience. Your customers must feel acknowledged and valued at all stages of their buying cycle. Send updates, pre-release notifications on offers and maintain that all important customer connection.

The challenge of being adaptable and agile

So what is meant by being agile? In this case it is how quickly a company can react to and introduce changes, driven either by customer demands or by advancements in technology. It has been identified as one of the most important drivers for changes in digital fulfillment and critical to the success of being able to scale businesses to drive success.

Many companies, especially larger multi-nodal or multi-national retailers, find it difficult to react and adapt to customers’ needs, mainly because of problems integrating new technology into existing systems. As a result, their penetration into the market is slower and more complicated.

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