creatively yours website design news and blog

creatively yours website design news and blog

Website Design News from Creatively Yours, with a dash of Small Business Helponomics. If we feel it will help our customers we will publish it, if we come across useful information we will pass it on. Also from our own desks, perhaps some bits and pieces that might shed some light on running a business.

Building or Ruining Your Perceived Value

By Simon Measures | November 27, 2020

At this time of year, you could be forgiven for feeling a bit of panic and slashing your prices. But should you? We ask the question not to be provocative but to start you looking at the perceived value of your products and services and what indicators there are that…

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Ideas to Attract New Long-Term, Loyal Customers.

By Simon Measures | August 20, 2020

In our previous blogs we have focused on making sure that you keep the customers you have gained and to be aware of those early indicators that your customers are starting to move away from you and now we can share some ideas on how to attract and excite visitors…

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Have you noticed a lot of small niggling complaints all of a sudden?

By Simon Measures | August 13, 2020

Many of us are busy with the day to day running of our businesses, dealing with the minutiae, but have you noticed a lot of niggling little complaints coming in from your customer base? You could ignore them but beware, this can be indicative of something more fundamental going wrong…

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Brand, Logo, and Livery Design

By Simon Measures | July 30, 2020

We were delighted to work with Verdant and Bright Garden and Home to refresh their brand and give them a consistent look across all of their marketing materials….including their Vans! With a brand new website coming soon which includes an online booking system for their Garden and Home cleaning and…

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news and insights from creatively yours.

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Customer Loyalty or where have all the customers gone?

By Simon Measures | July 3, 2024

To thrive in the current retail environment, as detailed in our recent blogs, you need to overcome a wide range of challenges and hopefully we have helped you make the first step in identifying them. Today, we are looking at something that is dear to us all, which is customer loyalty. As the retail industry…

Honesty is not the best, it is the only policy

By Simon Measures | June 25, 2024

As you may have seen during the current political campaign, in these days of putting your entire life online, it is all too easy to be caught out in a half-truth. This is even more so when it comes to product sales. A quick look through You Tube and there are any number of channels…

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