The Joys? Of Working from Home

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The Joys? Of Working from Home

Like a lot of UK-based companies, Creatively Yours has had to change and adapt the way that we work over the past year. So, whether your office is in San Francisco, Sydney, or Saffron Walden you have had to become used to video calls and working from home which, in itself, has presented its own challenges.

At the beginning of the pandemic, everyone was worried about being stuck at home with their families for extended periods (thinking of those family Christmas’s), oh, and the shortage of toilet rolls! However, as time went on some of our opinions and outlooks changed as companies were forced to adapt to remote working, as this became the only way of working.

Remote working requires a mix of discipline and self-care. It may be easy to get carried away with your work without others reminding you to go on breaks, share a coffee and forget about life outside of work. What is often forgotten, is those offices are great places for socialising and making connections with each other. But, even with restrictions lifted, it is predicted that 70% of workers will be working remotely.

So here are our top 5 tips for your new remote working life:

A Comfortable Workspace

Keep on Moving

Breakaway from the Screen

Cook your way to Success

Keep your connections!

Have a Comfortable Workspace

Positioning yourself for success. Making sure that the top of your screen is at eye level so you can sit with your neck straight and your back upright which leads us to our single biggest tip. Do not skimp on your office chair. We have found that without the interactions of others it is often too easy to not have a break, share coffee-making duties, etc. which leads to you spending more time in one place. Without a decent chair, backache becomes almost inevitable.

Surround yourself with stuff that you like and that inspires you. Now, without having to worry too much about the judgements of those around you (within reason, obviously no nudity if it is visible on a video call!), you can decorate your area to suit your most productive moods.

Great Airflow is necessary, so avoid stuffiness at all costs, I know in the UK that warm weather is something of a rarity but even on the cloudiest of days in the summer, opening a window can have a dramatic effect on your productivity. You would be amazed at how much warm, stale air is given off by PCs, Laptops, and Monitors!

Avoiding the temptation to purchase or use the sort of e-waste peripherals that come with pre-built, off-the-shelf systems will, in the longer-term help your comfort. A better keyboard and mouse will help to prevent painful issues such as RSI.

In our next blog we will look at the importance of taking regular exercise as, without your morning commute, this lack of movement can take its toll.

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